Hi, I am Erik

During the day you can find me at home writing code for New Relic’s websites. When I am not working you can find me running the trails, out biking or on the road exploring.


I love to travel to new places with a camera in hand! Check out the photography page.

Blog Posts

  • A/B Testing on the edge with Fastly

    After running several Full page Optimizely A/B tests we began to receive feedback from our users that experience was degraded.  Our pages were flickering when the b experience was rendering above the fold. Client side testing with Optimzely works well for smaller changes or if the changes are out of the visitor’s viewport when the…

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  • Gatsby vs WordPress

    One of the long running debates when building a site is what content management system to use. Gatsby and WordPress sit on both ends of the spectrum.  After building sites with both I thought I would run down some of the uses cases when to pick one over the other. Gatsby A couple of years…

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