Hi, I am Erik

During the day you can find me at home writing code for New Relic’s websites. When I am not working you can find me running the trails, out biking or on the road exploring.


I love to travel to new places with a camera in hand! Check out the photography page.

Blog Posts

  • A/B Testing on the edge with Fastly

    After running several Full page Optimizely A/B tests we began to receive feedback from our users that experience was degraded.  Our pages were flickering when the b experience was rendering above the fold. Client side testing with Optimzely works well for smaller changes or if the changes are out of the visitor’s viewport when the page loads.  It starts to be less ideal though when there are large areas of content above the fold.  Depending on your site it can take a second or two for those changes to appear.  We needed a solution on the back end that could…

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  • Gatsby vs WordPress

    One of the long running debates when building a site is what content management system to use. Gatsby and WordPress sit on both ends of the spectrum.  After building sites with both I thought I would run down some of the uses cases when to pick one over the other. Gatsby A couple of years ago I built my own website on Gatsby to learn the ropes before jumping in to New Relic which has a lot of Gatsby sites. From an engineering standpoint Gatsby is a lot of fun to use and feels like magic when you see your…

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